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Dating is a complicated thing especially when dealing with numerous people with their own unique personalities. You can find various dating tips to begin with especially when you search your sources online. Fortunately, there are also tips that you can find in the pages of history, some are effective while others could raise a brow. Check out the best historical dating tips from renowned people such as the real Casanova.


A Fan for Subtle Flirting


Fans are important accessories especially for women for thousands of years especially during 18th-century Europe. Women at the time realized that using a fan could actually make them look more mysterious, boosting their flirtation with their male admirers. Historical accounts show that there are more than 30 messages conveyed with the use of a hidden language in fan. For instance, women mean “I love you” if they hide their eyes behind an open fan.


Share a Secret Language


New lovers are grappling with the difficulty of keeping their privacy and they could not easily evade the watchful eyes of most people, particularly their parents. One of the most resourceful ways of continuing a sweet relationship saying sweet nothing is through using a secret language such as the Morse code. Thomas Edison is the one who employed this particular strategy especially in wooing his wife Mina Miller. Edison met his second wife when his first wife Mary died. Edison also claimed that he proposed to Mina also using the Morse code.


Love in a Bottle


Chemical assistance or love potion is one of the best resorts that you could ever come up with if you cannot snag that special person. Every culture has their own rendition of a love potion and how to use it for your own benefit. Most love potions can be administered on food and drink, resulting in changes of behavior such as increased libido or making people fall in love with you. There are also instances when chemicals in love potion could cure impotence. A medieval book of Albertus Magnus contained instructions of creating a love potion that includes a periwinkle concoction combined with earthworms and leeks. It claims to strengthen the love between couples.


Dissect a Woman


One of the most bizarre ways to effectively date is quite the strangest of its kind. According to Honore de Balzac, a French novelist in the 19th century, a successful and loving marriage has a secret and he uncovered them in his book The Physiology of Marriage. The novelist claims that marriage is a science and that studying a woman’s anatomy through dissecting her is a surefire way of improving your dating or marriage life.


The Marriage Market


You can absolutely find a potential partner when you go to the marriage market and that is what you can find in the works of Herodotus based on the ancient customs and traditions in a Babylonian village. The ugliest women or the poorest men are advised to go to the marriage market especially if they have no prospects of a wife or husband at all.


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