Romances that Changed the Course of History

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The pages of history are always filled with numerous tales of romance as well as loss and despair. However, there are cases of lovers that held on to that tiny glimmer of hope no matter how star-crossed and doomed their fate may be. Some romances endured time and space and the challenges of great proportions. There are love stories that are so great they even helped shape the course of history.


List of History-Changing Romances


  • Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile


The romance and marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile unified modern-day Spain along with sealing the peace and prosperity between their countries. The two were initially forbidden to see each other specifically by Isabella’s half-brother the King Enrique IV. The king has his own plans of marrying Isabella off to a French or Portuguese nobility, however, the two lovers found a way. The two decided to go against the odds and met with Ferdinand disguising as a merchant and Isabella escaping through telling his brother that she will visit her deceased brother’s crypt.


  • Pericles and Aspasia


The Athenian society is witness to the enduring love between Pericles and Aspasia. As a general, preeminent figure, and orator, Pericles is a revered figure in the Athenian society. Aspasia is an equally talented and witty woman that is why the young man was instantly attracted to Aspasia when they both met during one of the symposiums that they attended. Aspasia, however, was from Miletus and not Athens, so she has more influence and received more respect than other women receive in the days. Despite the insults from critics, Aspasia gained numerous supports such as the ones from prominent figures like Socrates. The two could not marry because of a law that forbids Athenians from marrying foreigners and ironically, Pericles enacted this law before he met Aspasia. Nevertheless, he continued loving and adoring her, kissing her every day for the rest of his life.


  • Justinian and Theodora


The story of Emperor Justinian and his wife Empress Theodora is full of controversies, challenges, and victories. The Byzantine Empire went through a confusing period and Justinian was not a popular emperor at the time. His reign is coupled with the enforcement of high taxes and the plague outbreak, which the opposition named after him in order to unhinge the populace. Marrying a woman that came from the lower classes did not help either because it gained more criticisms than the one he already faces.


In 532, the Nika Revolt took place, causing Justinian to panic and prepare to abdicate the throne. Theodora, however, did not budget and told him that she will never see the day when she is no longer an empress. The stubbornness of the empress boosted the confidence of the emperor and the revolt was soon quashed. Justinian rebuilt the Hagia Sophia after the revolutionists burned it to the ground. He restored the structure into its glory, making it the majestic building or landmark that you see today when you visit Istanbul.


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