Some Pro’s Say Phil Should Be Disqualified

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Mar 7, 2019 // By:Gary // No Comment

Jessica Marksbury: I still barely understand how he wasn’t disqualified. David Fay described the language of Rule 14-5 as too “friendly” on the telecast, and I agree. According to the Rule, if a player strikes a ball while it’s still moving, it’s a two-stroke penalty, and if a ball is purposely “stopped or deflected” by a player, Rule 1-2 comes into play. Under that Rule, “a serious breach” of the Rule can result in disqualification. So in my mind, Phil was the benefactor of a ridiculous loophole simply because he made a stroke at a ball in motion instead of stopping or deflecting it. The intent to gain an advantage was clear, and I think that’s certainly worthy of disqualification. The fact that it was a player of Phil’s stature and esteem makes it all the worse.

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