Some Pro’s Say Phil Should Be Disqualified

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Mar 7, 2019 // By:Gary // No Comment

Josh Berhow: No, he should not have been, because under the Rules of Golf, and the specific rule they reference here, 14-5, it’s OK to assess the penalty and not DQ him. Do I agree with it? Not one bit. But under the rules laid out, I do believe the correct call, in accordance with the rules, was made. That said, what a joke.

Jeff Ritter: The USGA has made it a priority to make their rulings quick and decisive, especially after the DJ moving-ball penalty lingered far too long on Sunday at Oakmont a couple years ago. This time the USGA’s efficiency worked against them, because Phil essentially incriminated himself with his comments after the round. He was trying to gain an advantage by swiping at the ball. It stinks, but Phil should be gone.

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