Some Pro’s Say Phil Should Be Disqualified

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Mar 7, 2019 // By:Gary // No Comment

Josh Sens: Adding to the “mockery” Sean mentions was Phil’s explanation. It would have been easier to feel sympathetic toward him if he had said, “In the heat of the moment, in the midst of a very frustrating day, I lost my head and made a very bad mental decision. I wish I could do it over and do it right.” Instead, he basically acknowledged that he was trying to game the system. He should have been DQ’d.

Joe Passov: Under the strictest interpretation and where intent cannot be determined, Phil should not be DQ’d. But it’s a correct call on a bad rule. Change the rule, and end that kind of farcical conduct.

Sens: I’m not convinced it was the correct call. Granted, there’s latitude under the rule, and I get that politics and precedent made a DQ both unappetizing and unlikely. But Phil’s own explanation of his intent only further weighs against him.


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