The Shocking Truth about Baby Farms

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The 1800s and 1900s are eras that show the horrific situations of many baby farms. There are cases of poor air ventilation, filth, and the death of thousands of babies under the care of men and women that offer baby care service, especially for mothers and infants. The era is a frightening time where news of mass graves of infants was discovered.


The Truth about Baby Farms


Babies for $5 in Philadelphia


In 1911, a story broke the quiet streets of Philadelphia with the discovery of a baby farm that sells infants for only $5 a piece. Women allegedly buy cheap babies from these baby farms as some kind of a game, using the baby in order to make a man marry her. It was not a funny joke and the trick would have continued if one of those infants did not turn up dead. A couple bought a baby in order to make the man’s family approve of his marriage. Unfortunately, the baby became immediately sick and died. The young woman panicked and carried the baby’s body for hours before abandoning it in an alley. It was discovered and the stories came to the open.


Chicago’s Baby Hoarding


The baby farming business became a booming and profitable source of income for some people in Chicago in 1912. Some women that have a place to keep the babies would charge up to $7 per baby for every week. Profit is obviously a major motivator for the baby farming business but there are those that really like babies and so resulted in hoarding the poor infants like they would hoard cats. Some baby farms have up to ten babies with just one woman to tend to all the babies. An undercover reporter wrote about the squalid situation of these baby farms, talking about the dirty clothes and the lack of care and food that caretakers ought to give to their innocent wards.


Russian Baby Buried in the Floor


Baby farms are also existent in Russia particularly for illegitimate children that their mothers wanted to keep hidden due to societal ostracism. In 1888, reports shook the Russian society telling about details of the baby farms in the country. For instance, a middle-aged woman who runs a baby farm cared for several infants that were products of illicit affairs. Some infants would disappear and this caused suspicion prompting the police to conduct a thorough search of the property. They discovered several dead infants buried inside the floors, making it reason enough for the woman being charged with murder.


Baby Poisoning in London


Finchley Baby Farms is one of the most infamous baby farms that two women named Annie Walters and Amelia Sach ran in London. The awful baby farm is where mothers would leave their unwanted children for a price and let the two women decide their fate. The con artists did not have any good intentions in their mind and they were exposed in 1903 when one of the babies was found dead. The result of the autopsy is chlorodyne poisoning.

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