Reasons Why You Will Love the Dark Ages and Demand for its Revival

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Dark Ages is actually a false term that is used to define the post-medieval era. This period is not dark per se but in fact, the best time in history to live. Thus, there are numerous reasons why reviving the dark ages is a remarkable idea, to begin with. It is the time that many different things are not given enough emphasis or you do not know are actually from the dark ages.


Why is it a good idea to revive the Dark Ages?


Great Lifestyle


The time of the Dark Ages became the ideal time to live a great lifestyle and this is true with all classes regardless of the obvious differences. A better lifestyle would mean people live easier and become healthier. Aristocrats at the time most likely do not work a day in their life, eat delicious food, and have numerous activities to keep their social life going. Serfs, on the other hand, would work their fields but they have plenty of time to relax when winter comes.


Fewer Crimes


The middle and dark ages only have a few infamous serial killers with the likes of Gilled de Rais, Elizabeth Bathory, and Sawney Bean, who was probably not even real. Murderers may have existed during this era but the chances of becoming a murder victim for an average person are quite low. It is the period in history when murderers were immediately tried and executed while those committing petty crimes were fined or publicly shamed.


Beauty in Dark Ages


The beauty of traditional art is one of the most appreciated features of the dark ages. People have access to items that depict beauty such as tapestries, statues, and portraits. It was during this period when tapestry making became a famous trade and even pastime for people. Works of beautiful tapestries were still existent throughout history, showing the popularity of anything beautiful at the time. Incredible masterpieces that display beauty are highlighted in various paintings and tapestries, including the vestments that priests wear at Mass.


Knights and Damsels


One of the many things that many people wish to revive is knights and damsels. You would love the sight of those knights in shining armor, riding their huge and majestic warhorses. As a bonus, knights get to rescue a beautiful damsel and show off his ability and heroic deeds. Knights usually start their training early in order to become full-fledged knights as young as 16 to 20 years old.


Employment Overflow


There is very low unemployment rate during the dark ages, unlike the time you experience these days. Different classes have their own job distinction and you are compensated for the work that you perform. For instance, serfs work the land while middle class individuals either work for their lord or ran a shop. Upper class people also have other activities such as hunting or doing fun stuff in order to boost their social life. There are huge cathedrals in major cities where men have no shortage of work.

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